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health is a priority

Two patients, both of which wore dentures for a few years came in to see the denturist in the same week. Both independently liked the idea of 4 implants on the lower jaw holding in place a new denture at the cost of $8500. Despite the fact that both patients liked the idea, the first patient said that is too expensive and left. The next month she traded in her car and spent an amount similar to $8500 on the down payment for a new car. The other patient also needed a new car, but she realized that being able to eat and chew was potentially more important. The second patients felt it was definitely more than an investment into a “new smile”. It would have an impact on her health and likely, on her longevity. She decided on the implants. Her older car still gets her from point A to point B. But now she can eat virtually all the things she used to shy away from. Oh, and by the way, she looks terrific! Which patient do you think made the better decision?

You have to decide on priorities, and if you think your health isn’t one of them, that is unfortunate, but mainly for you.