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extremely pleased with implants

“I just wanted to take a moment to express how extremely pleased I am with my implants. Actually, EXCITED is a more appropriate description of how I feel.

I have had dentures for 39 years with a poor fit for the last 20 years. I ate an apple the other day. Just simply eating an apple, bite by bite, just like ‘normal’ people do. It is such a pleasure to go out to a restaurant without having to read the menu to see what is ‘soft’ and not have to eat most of the meal with your hand ready to cover your face in case your teeth slipping and people noticing it.

I have an unbelievable (and unreasonable, I admit) fear of dentists. If I had known what the result would be I would have been able to put much of that fear aside. I have never had a problem with self-esteem but I’m even more high on myself now than ever. I feel great and I look great! My implants are a perfect 10!” – Sincerely, Abbie